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Java: The Widely Used Coding Language

Java is a widely used high level programming language that is object oriented and is used as a common purpose programming language. It enables the application developers to ‘Write once, Run everywhere’, which basically means that the java code that has been compiled can run on all the java supporting platforms without any need of recompilation. It is one of the most commonly used programming languages and is quite similar to C+ and C++. It was developed by Sun Microsystems which was later acquired by Oracle. Some of the advantages of java are as follows:

Purpose of Java Programming

  • Java was developed in 1995 by James Gosling for Sun Microsystems. Gosling had a deep knowledge about C+ and C++ which helped him to develop this new language. Even after 20 years since its launch, Java still remains one of the best and most commonly used programming languages and software platforms owing to its numerous advantages. Oracle, who later acquired Sun Microsystems, claims that java is a high level language that offers a software only platform.
  • There are 9 million developers worldwide who have developed java applications in all the major sectors. More than 50 million personal computers have java running on it.
  • The two major components of the Java platform are Java Virtual Machine (JVM) that interprets the Java code into the machine language and the Java Application Programming Interface (API) that is a library of java command lines.
  • As the times changed, Java entered the gaming world. This program basically started with 3D image viewing and mathematical calculations but as the technology advanced, the entered the gaming and chatting sector.
  • Java is an amateur language that makes it more stable and predictable as compared with other programming languages. The Java Class Library enables the feature of cross platform development.
  • Java Development Tools (JDT) such as NetBeans and Eclipse SDK offer an Integrated Development Environment and have debugging capability as well. Its compatibility with Clojure, Scala and Groovy evidently ensures its language diversity. Java also has a forward compatibility from one version to another.

IDE’s Used for Java Programming

An IDE or an Integrated Development Environment is a software that is used to provide comprehensive information to computer programmers for the purpose of software development. It provides a variety of features like code assistance, debugging, building java applications, multiple refactoring, code inspections, data modelling, building queries, JUNIT testing, etc. The experts at our Java Homework Assignment Help in Australia offer complete assistance on this topic. Some of the commonly used IDE’s are:

  • Net Beans: It is an Open source IDE written in java and is formed on the basis of development of all the Java application types like Java ME, Java FX, Java SE, etc. it is a modular design which means that a third party developer can extend it to create plugins to enhance its functionality. It can easily run on Mac OS, Linux, Microsoft Windows.
  • Eclipse:  This is a free IDE alternative for developers and programmers and it is mainly written in Java. This IDE allows you to develop applications from a number of platforms like web, desktop and even your mobile phone. Along with a base workspace, it also consists of an extensible plug in system that enables us to develop applications in a lot of programming languages like Python, JavaScript, C, C++, etc. It is available on Mac OS, Windows, Eclipse Public Licence.
  • JUnit:  JUnit is a widely popular open-source framework that is used for the purpose of writing and running tests as well. A basic JUnit test includes a JUnit testing that adapts to the annotations to determine the validity of a test that is framed and being run on Java.


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Java Homework Assignment Help Online

While studying Java, the main spheres which the students learn in their curriculum are program designing, analytics, program implementation and evaluation. The main focus of the course is learning to develop Robust and Graphical User Interfaces that interchange relational database and domain objects. Apart from this, students also learn class designing, use of inheritance; file manipulation and aggregation techniques that help the students in administering advanced object oriented programming techniques using the java libraries. All this basic knowledge is very important to understand the technicalities of the Java language. The experts at our Java Assignment Help in Australia excel in this knowledge and deliver the best in class assignments for you.

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Types of Java Assignment Help Offered by us

Our experts have tons of experience in the field of GUI and Console as well. It is very important to have proper knowledge and expertise about the front end and back end framework like Java Applet, Swing Application, Java Servlet in order to write a Java programming Assignment. Our experts are completely specialised in this field and offer completely high quality Java assignment services in Australia for you. Here are some of the Java Homework Assignment Services offered by us:

Generics are the parameterized types and allow a type to be a parameter to classes, interfaces and methods. Using a generic makes it possible to create a class that works with different types of data. A generic Entity is an entity that operates on a parameterized type such as method, class or interface. Our experts are specialised in this field and will give you complete guidance in completing your Java assignment.

The main aim of string handling is to store the string data in the RAM, manipulating the string data and retrieving the part of the string. It provides a lot of functions that can be performed on a string such as comparison of a string, concatenation of a string, etc.

A thread is basically a lightweight sub process that is the smallest unit of processing. Multithreading is a process that initially allows you to execute multiple simultaneously. It is mostly used in gaming and animation. It is mostly used for the purpose of multitasking and as each thread is independent from the other, it doesn’t affect other threads in case of an exception. The experts at our Java Programming Assignment help offer complete assistance in this topic and provide you the best assignments.

Synchronization gives us the capability to control the access of numerous threads to any of the shared resources. It is a suitable option in case we want that one thread should get access to the shared resource. Our experts offer the best assignment help in this topic.

It is a Java Programming language used to increase the ability of a server that host the applications accessed by the means of a request response programming model. They are primarily used to extend the applications that are being hosted by web servers.

A strut is basically an open source framework the Java Servlet API and employs a model, architecture, view. Using the standard technologies like Java Beans, XML, JSP Pages, etc. it enables us to create flexible, maintainable and extensible web applications.

Serialization is a process by which an object is converted into a byte stream. Deserialization is the opposite of this process as it is the mechanism by which a byte stream is used to create a Java object. The byte stream that is hence created is independent of platform. It means that if an object is serialized on one platform, it can be easily deserialized on a different platform. Our experts are there to help you in your java assignment help online and give you the best in class assignments.

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    It is a fast, secure and reliable programming language that was released by Sun Microsystems in 1995. It also serves as a computing platform and a lot of applications and websites are unable to run unless you have installed java on your device

    Yes Java is still a very popular and commonly used language. It is one the most in-demand programming languages and is also the most popular choice for writing android applications. It is very easy to learn and it is still in high demand even after 25 years since its launch.

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